Will Mango 7.5 become a worthy competitor?

On September 27, Microsoft launched an updated version of the mobile operating system 7.5 Mango OS. No one doubts that 500 operating system updates will satisfy Mango users. Analysts believe that Microsoft’s novelty is a high–quality product that clearly demonstrates the development of Windows Phone.

It is safe to say that the release of the updated version will not scare away users who have previously worked with Windows Phone. However, will Microsoft’s novelty be able to attract new users? For example, adherents of Android, who are still curiously looking in the direction of Windows Phone?
Operating systemAs mentioned earlier, Mango is undoubtedly a quality novelty.

It provides users with many new, useful functions, as well as expands the capabilities of existing ones. In addition, the Metro UI interface, which is used on 7.5 Mango, is already known for its bright design and ease of use.
Microsoft has taken a non-standard approach to the introduction of functions such as barcode scanning or automatic playlist creation into the updated operating system. Not all functions were developed at Microsoft, but this was not a priority of the company. The ultimate goal was important – to make Windows Phone a quality product. 

However, there are still problems with some functions, and some of them are still missing. For example, voice-to-text, an application for dictating text, does not always work properly, the start screen saver is still not supported in landscape orientation. In addition, despite the fact that Microsoft bought Skype, there is no integrated VoIP application in the updated operating system.
There are also negative sides to the simplicity of Mango 7.5. The simplicity of the interface means at the same time the loss of those users who would like to personalize their devices as much as possible. In addition, Mango does not support many popular Google applications in local languages, some of which (for example, Google Maps) compete with Microsoft products.

The main advantage of Mango is design. But is this enough to attract new customers?

Apps are one of the most important factors for the success of the mobile platform, and at the moment this area is not a strong point of Windows Phone.

Although it should be noted that Microsoft has made a big step forward. In just one year, the number of applications reached 30 thousand. Also, most of the top apps from the Apple App Store and Google Android Market are already in the Windows Marketplace. And Microsoft will undoubtedly continue to look for developers to speed up the porting of popular Windows Phone apps.

But the “catch-up role” can negatively affect sales.

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