How long does it take to create an application?

More and more people are starting to actively use smartphones instead of regular computers. Developers, in turn, try to provide such users with as much content as possible, which often affects the quality. According to a study by Evans Data, 90% of developers take less than six months to develop an application for mobile platforms.

74% of developers (385+ companies were surveyed in total)  they manage to create an application in less than 3 months.

As a result, many frankly bad applications have appeared on the market (just look at the Android Market, where a third of applications are recognized as low-quality applications).

Mobile games have another feature: developers can act step by step, making regular updates of their products, so the “release” option may appear early enough. This, on the one hand, helps to promote, and on the other, allows you to maintain a closer connection with consumers.

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