Paid apps are still in price

On September 22, a new game “Where’s My Water?” for iPhone / iPad from Disney was released and in just a few days took the top positions in the tops.

A few days after the release, it took 1st place in the US Top Paid for iPhone and iPad, 3rd place in the Top Grossing for iPhone and 6th place among the most profitable iPad games (in the Russian Apple App Store, the first places in both tops).


Only one version of the game about the funny alligator Swamp has been released, and it is paid. The standard cost is only $0.99, while there are no additional in-game purchases (at least at the moment). To complete some levels, you need to collect a certain number of items, while you cannot buy the missing ones for money. Apparently, Disney has calculated everything, betting on brand awareness, addictive gameplay and a less competitive (in comparison, for example, with the same Kids) subcategory Family.

The game “Where’s My Water?” is a great example of how even a paid application can become popular and, most importantly, profitable, despite the advantages of the freemium model.

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