Profitability of iOS and Android applications on the example of cases

In order to assess the similarities and differences between iPhone and Android, Com2uS decided to compare how things are going with the sale of two games they produce on both platforms. Two baseball simulators Homerun Battle 3D and 9 Innings: Baseball 2011 were analyzed.

Homerun Battle 3D is a paid game with the ability to make in–game purchases (In App Purchase), originally released for both iOS and Android.

Прибыльность приложений под iPhone и Android

However, the iOS version of the game proved to be more successful than the Android version. iTunes App Store users are ready to pay not only the initial price for the game, but also to use In-App Purchase services. Statistics show that since the release of Homerun Battle 3D in 2009, the average profit from one downloaded game was $ 2.5, while Android Market users spent only $ 0.78 per game.
According to statistics, Android users spend less than iOS users. The Android Market consumer audience prefers Freemium apps. However, over the past few weeks, the average profit from one paid Android Market application has increased. This means that Android users’ preferences are changing due to the expansion of the In App Purchase selection and the growth of the market as a whole.

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