What is important for mobile players?

We are publishing the next batch of statistics from the Casual Connect conference held in Seattle this summer.

In the previous article, information about the age and gender of mobile players in the USA was published, today – statistics about what is important for mobile players at the stage of downloading games.

According to the published data, 59% of all respondents are not interested in games and another 17% do not like games, a total of 76%. For those who are interested in games, the main criterion for refusing to download is too high a cost (28% of all respondents).

Почему пользователи не скачивают мобильные игры

Without a doubt, even when downloading, the issue of money worries users the most. 36% of respondents think about the high cost of the game, and 23% think about the too short trial period (that is, free time). Next after the cost in importance is the factor of the game’s consumption of the phone’s battery.

Что беспокоит мобильных игроков при скачивании игр

The third graph reflects the important criteria for downloading. It can be noted that although the money-back guarantee is the least watched when downloading games, the significance of this factor increased by 2% in 2010. The importance of download speed (the most important factor), on the contrary, has decreased slightly.

Критерии при скачивании мобильных игр

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