Mobile app users - who are they?

At the Casual Connect Game Developers Conference in Seattle, several reports on the mobile gaming sector were read. We want to share interesting figures.

Today we offer statistics about the main mobile games market – the USA.

The first graph shows information about real and potential players by age. It turns out that the main target audience of mobile games are Americans aged 25 to 54 years. This includes two age categories – from 25 to 34 and from 35 to 54 years, together they now occupy 2/3 of the market.

In total, almost an equal number of women and men play. But there are a little more potential players of the weaker sex.

Мобильный рынок США - возраст пользователей

The second graph shows information about which applications are used by mobile phone owners, as well as what is the proportion of those who download applications to their device.

Для чего американцы используют свои мобильные

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