Mobile Apps: Women vs. men

Recently, Inneractive has published interesting data on the gender characteristics of user behavior in mobile applications.

The information was presented in the form of an infographic. We provide a translation of the comments, the figures themselves can be viewed in the pictures.

The user’s behavior in relation to mobile advertising is influenced by many factors, and it’s no secret that depending on the gender, the behavior is very different. Men are much more likely to click on ads than women (their CTR is higher).

Unsurprisingly, men and women prefer different types of apps. What is even more interesting is the income that developers receive depending on the application category. For example, look at the difference in eCPM (effective price per thousand impressions, calculated by dividing all the revenue received by the number of impressions in thousands) between the categories of “Entertainment” and “Social games and applications with online chat” (Social and IM) for women. Similarly, for the categories “Sport” (Sport) and “Cards and Casino” (Cards and Casino) for men.

As for operating systems, it can be seen that the audience mostly shared equally. Mostly, but not for all OS. Android is used more by men, and BlackBerry, on the contrary, by women.

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