Which iPad apps are the most popular?

According to a study conducted by the analytical company Localytics, iPad users spend the most time reading the news, listening to music, as well as on applications from the “Health” category.

This data was obtained by analyzing the average usage time of the application. So, users devote the most time to news applications (spending an average of two and a half times more than the average session duration in them). Music apps are in second place in terms of duration (228%), followed by health and fitness apps (210%), and finally reference apps (162%).

Средняя длительность сессии пользователя iPad

To the surprise of many, it turned out that iPad users spend less time than expected on gaming and entertainment applications.

Based on the research data, Localytics came to the following conclusions:

  • iPad owners spend a lot of time in news apps
  • iPad users are more likely to play small casual games than serious games that require a lot of time
  • Sports applications are often used only to find out the results of the match
  • iPad and other tablet users prefer highly informative applications, for example, reference or dedicated to health

These facts can be very useful for application marketers: it is important to know your audience and offer the most attractive application for the user. So, a business application can be very useful, but a high-quality news application can be much more in demand.

How often are applications used?Localytics also analyzed how many times a month a user accesses an application.

The study showed that gaming, news and music applications are most often used.

Количество сессий по категориям в месяц
A few more interesting facts obtained during the study:

  • Users do not often turn to sports and entertainment applications
  • Despite the fact that one session lasts quite a long time, reference applications are also rarely used,
  • The iPad lives up to its reputation as a portable device for reading and gaming

How to make the application more attractive to the consumer?

Judging by this study, application manufacturers have many opportunities to increase demand for their products. Add games and your apps will be used more often. Add a news section and users will spend more time in your app.

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