There are not enough developers for iOS and Android in Russia

According to HeadHunter, the rapidly developing smartphone market provides a constant demand for mobile app developers. Over the past year, the share of smartphones from the total sales of cell phones in Russia has increased from 10 to 20 percent.

Many IT companies engaged in the mobile application development sector complain about the lack of professional staff with knowledge of the iOS and Android platforms.

As for Symbian, the share of devices based on this platform decreased from 37.6% to 27.4%. As a result, the volume of demand for Symbian developers in Russia also fell by 24%. 

So far, the main share of job seekers in the labor market is made up of developers for Symbian and Android.  The growth in the number of resumes is observed only on the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms, despite the fact that the popularity of the latter shows a negative trend (-20%).

Most of all, there are not enough Android and iOS developers with work experience on the market. On average, there are 0.8 and 0.5 resumes per vacancy with knowledge of these platforms, respectively. There are still enough developers for Symbian: there are now almost 6 resumes for one vacancy.

The average salary for developers in Moscow and St. Petersburg does not differ much and is approximately 80,000 rubles per month. The highest paid are Android developers and sometimes in the capital their salary reaches 140,000 rubles.

hh.index for mobile application developers (calculated by the ratio of the number of resumes to the number of vacancies)Mobile Application Developer Resume Market

Job Market for Mobile app Developers

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