How to name the app: 8 tips

Creating an app is half the battle. After that, a lot needs to be done to make people aware of its existence. But even earlier it is necessary to make an important decision that can decide the fate of your application…

We recommend that you think carefully about what to call it. The name should not only reflect the essence of the application, but also ideally clearly associate users with your product.

How to achieve this?

1. The name should be relevant to the content and at the same time be quite simple

Choose the name that best describes the application. Make sure that the name can be memorable and easy to pronounce. This will significantly increase the chances of the application on the market.

2. Check if there are applications with this name
Perhaps someone has already come up with and used such a name before you.

Make sure that the name of your own application is not too similar to the existing ones – you may violate someone’s copyright. In addition, this way you can get yourself a competitor.

3. The name of the application and the place in the top
The name of the mobile application and a set of keywords (keywords, keywords) are an extremely important component of success in the market.

Make them relevant and try to include several popular search queries in it, just don’t overdo it: believe me, there are too many people who want to use the phrase angry birds.

The volume of keywords is 100 characters, each letter is taken into account. So think carefully about every word. Separate words with commas, don’t use spaces, and use plural words and synonyms whenever possible.

4. Search Engine optimization SEO
The right SEO strategy will help your application to be visible.

Thanks to optimization, your application will be higher in Google search results. Try to include the most popular search queries in the keywords (use Google Adwords or a similar service to find them)

In addition, try to use the maximum of your keywords in the description of the application – this can also give you a higher position in the search results in Google.

5. URL from the point of view of SEO
The link to your application is also an important aspect from the point of view of search engine optimization.

By default, the name of the application will be used to form the link. Do not use special characters, otherwise an incorrect URL may be generated as a result.

6. Formatting the description
Make sure that the volume of the description does not exceed the limit.

And don’t forget to highlight the features of your application (for example, a list).

7. Category selection
Choosing the right category for an app is almost as important as choosing the right name.

This allows you to get access to the desired target audience. Choose the category with the least competition. There are special services that help compare categories in terms of their competitiveness, for example, MobClix. With it, you will be able to choose the most suitable category for your application.

8. Consult with your friends

If possible, conduct a survey at least among your friends. Feedback will help to evaluate the correctness of the choice.

And in conclusion
Choosing a name can have a noticeable impact on the success of your application.

Naturally, in the end, quality decides everything for users, but in order for them to be able to evaluate it, it is necessary to do everything so that they notice it.

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