A third of Americans would rather give up sex than their cell phone

TeleNav conducted a study to determine the degree of attachment of Americans to their mobile phones. The results showed that iPhone owners are most attached to their devices.

The survey found that many Americans are even willing to interrupt sex in order to hang out with their mobile phone.

Almost all owners of mobile phones are quite strongly attached to them. But smartphone users love their devices the most: even in their sleep, 66% of them keep the device within reach, while only 38% of owners of ordinary mobile phones have such devices.

The most “dependent” of smartphone owners were iPhone users. One third of them would rather spend a week without their significant other than be left without a phone. There are slightly fewer such people among Blackberry and Android users.

Interesting figures:

A third of respondents would rather give up sex for a week than their mobile phone; 70% of them are women.

54% would rather give up sports than give up their mobile phone.

55% would rather give up coffee for a week than their mobile phone, 63% – chocolate and 70% – alcohol.

– Every fifth respondent would rather walk barefoot for a week than without a phone. At the same time, iPhone owners are most attached to their device: 43% of them would prefer to walk barefoot. There are 27% of such Android owners, and 25% among Blackberry users.

– Smartphone owners are three times more likely to judge people by their mobile devices; at the same time, 83% of iPhone owners believe that only a person with the same phone can pair them; of Android users, 70% and only 40% are among Blackberry owners.

– iPhone owners are willing to spend more money on apps for their phone than Android users.

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