The number of 3D mobile devices in 2015 will exceed 148 million

The In-Stat research company states that the demand for 3D devices contributes to the development of technologies and predicts an increase in 3D devices to 148 million by 2015.

The implementation of the 3D format on mobile devices is still in its infancy and needs much more advanced technical solutions. However, the huge volume of the mobile market pushes the development of technologies to circumvent existing restrictions. 3D displays are still actively developing, and the number of devices with touch screens may triple by 2015. At the same time, the development of processing solutions that are already emerging will further increase the demand for 3D devices. A new study by In-Stat predicts that by 2015 the number of mobile devices with 3D support will exceed 148 million units.

“Despite the advantages of these technologies, the development of mobile devices with 3D function is still quite slow. This is influenced by existing content restrictions, eye strain and headaches after viewing applications in 3D format. As well as the fact that the cost of content and the devices themselves with 3D function is much higher than the price for conventional devices,” comments Jim McGregor., head of Technology strategy development at In-Stat. “Gradually, with the advent of new solutions, 3D technologies will be increasingly in demand by users, prices for them will fall, and, of course, new mobile devices will appear. This is how we see the development of the 3D solutions market”

Recent research shows:

• Approximately 30% of portable game consoles by 2015 will be in 3D format;

• 3D mobile devices will lead to an increase in demand for touch-screen devices by 130%;

• By 2014, 18% of all tablets will support 3D 

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