In Russia, Android-based tablets can bypass the iPad 2

62% of the survey participants conducted by Hi-Tech@Mail.En Among 50,000 Russian Internet users, we are convinced that Android tablets are competitors to the Apple iPad 2.

This year, Android-based tablets have significantly increased their market share (22%). Nevertheless, today there are more owners of Apple products in Russia (11% versus 9% of owners of Android models). However, already 25% of people choose Android as a future purchase. The majority of Russians believe that a tablet is needed to use the Internet (61%). Buying a device for games is justified by 7%, for watching movies – by 8%, for reading and viewing photos – by 7%.

“Apple has actually formed the tablet market, but competitors are coming. As our survey showed, Android models may well be opposed to the iPad 2. It is safe to predict that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will become the most popular Android tablet this year. The most popular will be modifications with 3G, well, and the main application is the Internet. At the same time, tablets will partially replace ordinary laptops, almost half of Russians are sure of this now,” said Dmitry Ryabinin, chief analyst of the project Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru .

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