Android has overtaken iOS in terms of the number of users in the US, but this does not mean anything yet

In terms of the number of subscribers, Android now surpasses iOS in the United States, but the iPad and iPod still surpass the first platform in terms of the number of unique users.

Apple’s platforms are still ahead, but their figures are converging compared to data from six months ago. For example, Facebook for iPhone has about 86 million active users, and Android has 54.2 million. Six months ago, the figures were 63 million and 25.3 million, respectively. The Android client adds 1.8 million more active users per week (according to MAU), while iOS is growing at a rate of 1 million per week.

This difference, according to Nielsen, is most likely due to the addition of iPod Touch and iPad users.

According to official company data, Apple sold 222 million iOS devices two weeks ago, Google sold 135 million activations of Android devices a week ago.

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