In 2013, China will surpass the United States in terms of the number of devices

Yesterday, Flurry analysts published a report on the spread of mobile devices in the world. Judging by the growing popularity of mobile devices in China, China will overtake the United States in terms of the number of active gadgets in the next quarter.

According to experts from Flurry Analytics, compared to October last year, the number of active devices in the United States increased by 55 million over the year, while in China there were 125 million more. It is possible that in the next quarter the Celestial Empire will become the world leader in the number of active iOS and Android devices: now there are 167 million gadgets in the country (in October 2011 there were 57 million), while the United States has 181 million. The UK also entered the top three with 35 million smartphones and tablets – 5 times less than China.

China has shown the highest growth rates in the world over the past year, stretching by 293%, Vietnam is in second place in terms of growth by 269%, followed by Colombia – 260% and Chile with an increase of 235%.

Importantly, the top ten fastest-growing markets in terms of the number of active mobile devices also included Ukraine (5th place and 209% growth) and Russia (9th place and 180% growth).

Also, having tracked 1.9 billion sessions (this is ⅕ of all sessions), analysts from Flurry estimated the number of sessions in various countries of the world. With the growing popularity of mobile devices around the world, the leading positions of the United States in these indicators are also falling. By the end of October this year, the number of sessions in America has halved exactly and now stands at 29%. The countries occupying the 2nd-9th place in the top and local markets are becoming increasingly important. 

As of October this year, the global mobile device market represents more than 750 million devices activated in 220 countries around the world. Over the past period, all mobile devices have collectively generated revenue of about $10 billion, according to analysts from Flurry. 

Interestingly, at that time, at the recent Mobile Vas & Apps conference, Kirill Petrov from i-Free announced a figure of $17 billion. And analysts from ABI Research recently estimated revenue from mobile applications at $30 billion.

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