Console games are coming to tablets

Quietly and imperceptibly, a new trend has emerged in the mobile entertainment industry: porting games from current-generation consoles. The release of Pocker Smash is proof of that.

Games from consoles began to appear on mobile devices a long time ago. Last year, such titans as Grand Theft Auto 3 and Max Payne lit up in the line of projects for Android and iOS. However, until recently, ported games were distinguished by a solid age. Even ennobled by high resolution and clear textures, they looked anachronistic against the background of colorful farms and arcades.  

Times are changing. And although it is unclear when we will see the real Mass Effect on tablets (we will see the real Baldure’s Gate on them in a week), the latest releases in the App Store hint that there is not so long to wait. 

One of these releases is the Poker Smash project from Void Star Creations, ported from the Xbox 360. Starting today, the game is available to owners of iOS-based mobile devices at a price of $1.99.  

Pocker Smash is a frenzied mix of Tetris, match3, Guitar Hero and, in fact, poker. The project used to be distributed via Xbox Live.  

Another similar product is Rage of the Gladiator with Wii, very similar in gameplay to Infinity Blade. The Gamelion company is engaged in publishing the project.

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