Supercell: Tablets will become the leading gaming platform

The authors of Clash of the Clans are confident that in a few years tablets and games for them will become the center of the gaming industry. 

Tablets are the main gaming platform. In three to five years, they will be playing mainly on them,” Ilkka Paananen, executive director of Supercell, said at the Slush conference held recently in Helsinki.

Working on games for tablets is the key to success in the future, he is sure. 

Paananen also shared his view on management in such teams. In his opinion, teams today should immediately think on two, roughly speaking, scales: large and small. 

We are a big, small company,” Paananen joked. 

Thinking like a small studio, we can achieve a lot. To do this, it is necessary to make sure that the development teams in one company consist of four to six people working independently” (in total, about 60 people work in Supercell).

Thus, there will always be a place for innovation in the work, the head of Supercell believes.  

Paananen also noted that most companies today primarily understand marketing by “social“. Supercell, according to him, does not resort to marketing: 90% of users of their games are organic.

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