Peter Molyneux Revives Populous

The famous game designer has started fundraising on the Kickstarter service for his new game – GODUS, the ideological heir to the god simulator of the late 80s Populous.

Yesterday, exactly two weeks after the release of Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, Peter Molyneux announced a new project of his studio 22Cans. The game is called GODUS. This is, in fact, an urban planning simulator in which the role of the user is elevated to the level of a small god competing with other fans of ambrosia.

Molyneux calls the project a reinterpretation of the classic game, if you will, an adaptation for new generations of players who did not catch the release of the original Populous in 1989. The game designer claims that GODUS is also the heir to the ideas of Dungeon Keeper and Black&White. By the way, he will get an “intuitive interface” from the latter. It’s funny, but the Black&White UI was anything but intuitive.

The most curious thing is that the project does not have a publisher yet, as there are no funds for its implementation (they say, the company wants to remain independent). For this reason, 22Cans is asking for £450,000 for its implementation from the user audience through the popular Kickstarter service.

It is clear that Curiosity did not start in the best way (although, from which side to look at it, 2 million downloads in 2 weeks is a very good result): constant problems with servers, non-obvious gameplay and a controversial concept. But 14 days after the high-profile launch, asking for money to develop a new game? Isn’t that strange?

The company is going to spend seven to nine months on the project. At the moment, the game has already managed to collect about £ 55,000 from more than 2,000 people.  

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