5 million Punch Hero downloads

Korean mobile game publisher Gamevil has announced that the number of downloads of its humorous arcade boxing simulator Punch Hero has exceeded 5 million.

This f2p game, developed by COCOSOFT studio, was released to the international market in May 2012 in a version for iOS devices, and in August it came to Android.

According to the diagram provided by Gamevil, it is possible to trace the dynamics of the growth in the number of downloads of Punch Hero. Pay attention to the significant increase in user activity after the August launch of the game on Android. However, the rise itself occurred in July after the game appeared in the Android stores of Korean providers.

Most of the downloads came from Korean users (it is on the territory of South Korea that Gamevil’s positions are strongest). In turn, Samsung smartphones, whose flagships are distributed with Google OS, are the most popular in this country. Considering all this, the weak start of the application in the App Store version is quite understandable.

By the way, according to Google, in recent days there has been a sharp jump in the number of downloads of Punch Hero, which is not marked on the Gamevil chart.

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