Dmitry Satin: errors in the interface

On November 24, an online master class will be held by Dmitry Satin, CEO of UsabilityLab, dedicated to mistakes in working on the mobile interface.

The event was announced by the MAD’SCHOOL company, under whose patronage it will take place.  

The main topic of the master class is the mistakes made by developers when developing the UI. Moreover, already according to the stated plan, it can be understood that in his master class Dmitry suggests going from the opposite: not how to do it right, but how not to do it.  

So, among the stated topics: the main errors caused by “lack of understanding or misconceptions about the target audience”, “ignorance or misconceptions about the context of using the product”, as well as errors caused by “ignorance or misconceptions about the tasks of users”. 

You can register for the event here.

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