Android 4.2: December? No, I haven't

Google forgot to include the latest version of its operating system for a whole month. So this year, those who have updated Jelly Bean will be left without a Catholic Christmas and New Year. 

Now Android has only 11 months in the People/Contacts app included in AOSP. After November, January comes immediately. That is – no gifts, no Christmas trees and a dead Santa Claus. On the other hand, you will save on gifts, right?

Seriously, this is a significant error that affected only users who have updated their devices to Android 4.2. It is not on Android 4.1 or Android 4.1.1. Given that this OS version currently concerns only a relatively small number of devices (mainly the entire line of the latest Nexus), it is not critical name it.

Despite the fact that the first error messages appeared four days ago, it is still not fixed.

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