Apple lowers prices in Russia

Apple has decided to change its policy in the Eastern European market. One of the first steps is to reduce the prices of our own products in Russia. 

Today, first in his article on Mobile Review, and then on Twitter, the well-known Russian analyst Eldar Murtazin said that Apple has reduced prices for almost all of its products in Russia by 7-8% (to the level of prices in the EU countries).

Murtazin explains this step of the Apple company by the company’s desire to reorient itself to the Eastern European market due to difficulties in more developed regions. Now the company cannot satisfy the demand in the American and Western European markets (the iPhone 5 is not produced in the quantities in which they are needed). At the same time, the demand for the previous model, which is not in short supply, is still high in the Eastern European markets. In case of price reduction, according to Murtazin, Apple will be able to increase its share in this region, thereby pleasing its investors. 

At the moment, this is unverified information. Neither Apple nor its partners in Russia have made any official statements.

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