Molyneux's mobile game "fell"

Peter Molyneux’s first mobile game, Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, was released on the App Store yesterday. Almost immediately, the project server collapsed from the influx of users. But this did not prevent the development team from publishing the first statistics on the project.  

As it turned out, the servers of the indie company 22Cans, which is headed by Molyneux, were not ready for the influx of only 170 thousand users (that’s how many users entered the game in the first day). Therefore, in the first hours after the release, many simply could not log into the game, constantly receiving an error message about connecting to the server.

Peter Molyneux tweeted tonight: the team is doing everything possible to solve all problems with access to the game. He recalled that 22Cans is a small company, and such a large–scale project is the first in its history. Molyneux also released the first statistics on the project. According to his data, 2 billion in-game coins have already been spent, and 625 people bought chisels for themselves at a price of 1 million coins for each. By the time this material was prepared, over 100 million cubes had already been destroyed, but not a single level has “fallen” under the pressure of those who want to find out what is hidden in the core of a large cube.

We have already written in detail about this game, and more than once

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