10 new DeNA partners

The Japanese company DeNA, which owns the mobile social gaming network Mobage, continues to be active in introducing it to international markets. Recently, she announced the conclusion of partnership agreements with 10 developers from different countries.

For six months, DeNA has been negotiating with more than five hundred developers. Ten of them appear in the current news. We note the very wide geography of DeNA’s new partners.  They represent Brazil (Big Hut), the United States (Electrified Games), China (Joywinds), Finland (Kyy Games), France (Oh BiBi Socialtainment), New Zealand (Runaway Play). Two studios are based in Canada (Massive Damage), one is a Chinese-American joint venture (GameCloud Studios) and another Cobalt Play Games is also located in Asia.

As part of the partnership agreements, DeNA will provide assistance to studios in cross-platform porting so that all their titles appear on both iOS and Android. 

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