The fourth Galaxy will be 5-inch

There was a rumor that the presentation of the new flagship smartphone model from the Korean company Samsung is already scheduled for the beginning of next year.

The device will receive an AMOLED Full HD screen with a diagonal of 5 inches, thereby finding itself in a wide niche previously occupied by the Galaxy Note. On the other hand, a healthy 4.8-inch screen did not prevent the Galaxy III from becoming one of the most popular smartphone models of this year.

According to the Sam Mobile resource, the Galaxy S4 smartphone will also be equipped with a powerful Exynos 5450 chip with four Cortex-A15 cores (for example, the giant and high-performance Nexus 10 tablet has two of them). The clock frequency of each processor is 2GHz. The 8-core Mali-658 will be responsible for the graphics on the chip.

In short, this is a completely new level of performance for mobile devices. And there is such a suspicion that if such a scenario is implemented, the device of the Korean company will be at the time of release (presumably next spring) head and shoulders above solutions from other companies. Moreover, it will finally untie the hands of developers of high-tech high-budget games. 

All this will eventually lead to the final dominance of Samsung in the mobile device market and an even greater stratification of the mobile games market, where not only social and casual projects, but also expensive blockbusters will fight for the user.   

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