LucasArts will focus on mobile games

Mobile and social games will become a priority for the gaming division of the George Lucas company, which is now owned by the Disney Corporation.

Robert Iger, the executive director of Disney, said that the LucasArts gaming division, whose sale to the Mickey Mouse empire became known only yesterday, “is more likely to focus on the development of mobile and social games than on console games.” As Iger himself explained, “big” games will be handled by third-party companies.

Robert Iger and George LucasThis statement fits perfectly into the framework of Disney’s current strategy in the gaming market.

Moreover, the company also uses the help of third-party developers in the mobile segment. The game based on the cartoon Brave was made by the authors of Temple Run from Imangi Studios, although the publication was handled by Disney itself. 

Disney Corporation absorbed LucasArts for $4.05 billion. Not only the entire intellectual property of LucasArts has passed into the hands of the company, but also all its divisions, including the Industrial Light & Magic special effects studio and the Skywalker Sound recording studio.

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