Google has lowered the price of the Nexus 7

It became known about the cost reduction for the 16 GB version of the tablet, as well as the appearance of a new 32 GB model. 

The search giant has lowered the price of the Nexus 7. The cost of a tablet with 16 GB of flash memory is now $199, not $249, as before. Also on sale is a new model of the Nexus 7 with 32 GB. It will just take the vacant price position. 

What will happen with the 8 GB version is not entirely clear yet. It is believed that the price for it will be about $ 100. However, last week there was a rumor that the devices were being withdrawn from production. So, it is quite possible that they will be abandoned altogether. 

Information about the new prices came from Office Depot, the largest American retailer of electrical goods, which has already managed to hang new price tags in its stores.

Apparently, at the conference that failed today, Google was just planning to announce the sale of new gadgets. It was not possible to announce it loudly.

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