The developer behind Rogue Company has eliminated all content related to Dr Disrespect

The free-to-play shooting game, Rogue Company, has ended its collaboration with Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm.

Although there hadn't been any updates for over a year, First Watch Games removed all content linked to the streamer following allegations of his "inappropriate" interactions with a minor.

The items taken off included a $40 bundle featuring a map and a Dr Disrespect skin. Players who purchased this content will get refunds in the game's currency, Rogue Bucks.

"We have disabled Dr. Disrespect content previously available on the game," the developer announced on X/Twitter.

"Full Rogue Buck refunds will be issued to impacted accounts this week," the message further stated.

Guy Beahm recently discussed the accusations tied to his 2020 Twitch ban, acknowledging he was banned after Twitch discovered he had communicated with a minor in 2017. He admitted in a social media post that these "casual, mutual conversations" sometimes became "inappropriate."

Due to these allegations, Midnight Society has separated from its co-founder Beahm, and Turtle Beach, the gaming headset company, has also distanced itself from him. Additionally, his YouTube channel has been demonetized.

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