Series Entertainment has announced the acquisition of Pixelberry Studios, a developer specializing in mobile gaming

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Series Entertainment has completed the purchase of Pixelberry, a developer known for its episodic mobile games.

A company specializing in game creation, Series Entertainment announced that this acquisition is part of their strategic effort to diversify their portfolio using their advanced development platform, the Rho Engine, described as an "AI-native, multimodal full-stack game creation platform."

Pixelberry, famous for the interactive fiction game Choices: Stories You Play, will form a foundational part of Series Entertainment's plans to develop an array of games across various genres.

"Pixelberry has been leading the interactive fiction genre," stated Pany Haritatos, co-founder and CEO of Series Entertainment.

"Our passion for story-based games, combined with Choices' prominence, will allow us to enhance the game with larger books, new interactive elements, and better story quality, all tailored to the needs of the Choices community," Haritatos added.

The Pixelberry team also expressed their excitement about the new phase for their studio, highlighting that Series Entertainment's technology would enable them to fulfill many top fan requests, including genre diversity, multiple love interests, character customization, and more complex storylines.

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