The main materials of the last week (22.10 – 26.10)

The most interesting articles and materials of App2Top last week: Apple introduced new iPads; Big Fish talked about its casino, and Nevosoft about the Russian market; Alawar described the main mistakes of developers; Wild Tangent CEO revealed the difference between Russian and American businesses. Also in the issue: mobile advertising brings Facebook $152 million per quarter, the App Store is now ruble and much, much more 

1. Google Play revenue in Korea exceeded revenue from the App StoreSpeaking at the Korea Games Conference in Seoul, the executive director of App Annie Bertrand Schmidt (Bertrand Schmitt) said that from January to August in South Korea, the revenue of the official Android app store grew more than six times and overtook the revenue from the App Store.

2. Apple has introduced a line of iPad devicesAt an event held in California on Tuesday, Apple introduced the fourth generation of iPad and iPad mini tablets.

3. The threshold for entering the mobile games market is still lowOn the eve of the Casual Connect conference, as part of a special project prepared by the editors of the App2Top portal, Alexander Egoshin, head of mobile production at Alawar Entertainment, answered our questions.

 He spoke about the mistakes of developers in the positioning of the project, as well as about the main criteria for selecting games for production.

4. Free-2-play is the dominant monetization modelAs part of the App2Top special project dedicated to the Casual Connect conference, Igor Bukhman, co-founder and president of Playrix products, told us about the reorientation of casual games to mobile platforms and the dominance of the free-2-play model in them.

5. Russian mobile games market: there is moneyYulia Lebedeva from Nevosoft, as part of a special project for the Casual Connect conference, told us about the audience of mobile games, shared her thoughts about the possibility of cloning popular projects, and also noted that you should not be skeptical about the market of Russian–language mobile games – it is quite possible to earn money on it.

6. Big Fish Casino is the company’s most successful mobile gameOn the eve of Casual Connect Kiev, we talked with John Holland, COO of Big Fish, one of the largest “fish” in the casual and now mobile games industry.

7. Diamond Dash has been downloaded 30 million timesWooga announced that the Diamond Dash game has achieved 30 million downloads since its release on iOS in December last year

8. Mobile advertising brings Facebook more than $152 million per quarterFacebook has published a financial report for the third quarter of this year, according to which 14% of the company’s revenue comes from mobile advertising.

9. Zynga is laying off more than 100 employeesThe social company is giving up 5% of its staff, closing several internal studios and ceasing support for 13 projects, the founder of Zynga said.

10. How to earn more on AndroidThe editors of App2Top managed to talk with David Worle, vice president of Wild Tangent.

On the eve of the Casual Connect conference in Kiev, we discussed the need for diversification on the Android platform, the reasons for developers’ refusal to enter the Chinese market, as well as the differences between Russian and American businessmen.

11. A mobile game is a serviceAs part of a special project dedicated to today’s Casual Connect conference, the editors of the App2Top portal interviewed David Nixon, co-founder and CEO of Gemini Hive consulting company.

David told us in detail whether independent developers have a chance to succeed on their own in the mobile games market, whether applications should be distributed according to the free-2-play model in order to make money, and what is needed to create a hit.

12. Google Analytics has learned to count iOS downloadsGreat news for those who promote apps on Apple’s mobile platform: Google has implemented monitoring of iOS downloads through AdWords.

13. Microsoft Surface has entered the marketToday, October 26 – with a difference of one day with the worldwide release of Windows 8 – Microsoft has released the Surface tablet to the American market.

14. Apple sold 44 million iOS gadgets in the fourth quarterTim Cook said that in the last three months alone, the company has sold 26.9 million iPhones.

She sold four times as much in a year.

15. The App Store is now in rublesSince Friday night, the cost of applications in the Russian section of the App Store is displayed in the national currency.

In addition, Apple has increased the prices of applications in a number of European countries.

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