Roblox introduces a fresh suite of analytical tools aimed at developers

Roblox Corp is launching a new suite of analytical tools designed to assist developers in tracking "funnel and economy events" to enhance their experiences more rapidly.

Resembling the comprehensive analytic tools found in engines like Unreal and Unity, Roblox states these initial analytics tools—named Economy and Funnel event analytics—aim to provide developers with insights into in-app purchases and player retention.

Economy analytics allow developers to monitor how players are utilizing in-game currencies and resources. Meanwhile, Funnel analytics deliver deeper insights into player retention and identify points within "your onboarding, shop, and other funnels" where players might drop off.

The data from these events can be stratified by factors such as age, gender, platform, OS, and up to three custom fields as specified by the user.

Additional tools to track user behavior are scheduled to debut next week. These include features that help developers measure "qualified playthrough rates," "qualified players," and "similar experience benchmarks," which let developers compare their stats against competitor games and experiences.

Other functionalities, like URL tracking, are slated for release at a future date.

For more details, including how to access the new dashboards, visit the Roblox dev forum.

In related news, Roblox recently announced it is developing capabilities that will enable players to generate characters and objects using "4D generative AI".

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