Mobile Borderlands Announced

2K Games and Gearbox have already officially presented a mysterious iOS title under the Borderlands franchise. It turned out to be the Legends role-playing strategy.

Today, Gearbox presented its first mobile project, Borderlands Legends, on the official blog of 2K Games publishing house. Only now it’s not a shooter with role-playing elements, but a role-playing strategy in an isometric perspective, in which the player controls a squad of four people. 

Everyone has a full set of characteristics: three skills and six skills. Experience on their upgrade is earned in random missions. For their successful completion, it is necessary to combine the skills of the heroes with each other. According to the developers, there is no limit on levels. In other words, you can pump the characters indefinitely.

The game will be released in the App Store on October 31. The iPhone version will cost $4.99, and the iPad version will cost $6.99. 

It is curious that the company decided to develop the game on its own, and not give it to an outside team. This indicates the interest of Gearbox itself in the mobile market. Perhaps, if successful, Texans will follow the path of Remedy and focus their attention on developing small projects for iOS and Android. 

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