Mark Zuckerberg is Not happy with Facebook Games

The founder of the world’s largest social network said that things in its gaming segment are not going exactly as he would like.

The main disappointment is the falling revenues of Zynga. Previously, this company accounted for 63% of gaming revenue and 12% of Facebook’s total revenue. But at the end of the third quarter, revenue fell by 20% compared to the same period last year. So in the last quarter, Zynga provided the social network with only 43% of gaming revenue and 7% of total revenue.

As a result, the vacant space was filled by other developers of social games, including Kixeye, Wooga and King.com . However, Facebook’s total commission income from social games fell by 9%: from $192 million to $176 million.

Given the close integration of iOS6 with Facebook, we can assume that the indicators of the next quarter will show growth.  

The total number of Facebook users playing at the moment is 235 million (a year ago there were 205 million). The total number of network users is 1 billion (a year ago it was 750 million).  

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