A cluster for game developers and animation studios will be opened in Moscow

Following the news about the construction of an IT city in Dagestan, a message emerged about the upcoming launch of a video game and animation cluster in Moscow. The cluster will open at the Skolkovo Innovation Center next year.

Atomic Heart

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin wrote on his Telegram channel that this will be the first such cluster in Russia. It is expected to house both leading Russian gaming and animation companies as well as young studios.

According to Sobyanin, residents of the Moscow cluster will be able to use innovative equipment to work on projects. There will also be an educational platform and a venue for conferences. Additionally, developers residing in the cluster will receive assistance in promoting their games abroad, by being invited to international events where they can find partners.

“I am confident that the creation of this cluster will aid in the development of video game tourism. Soon, we'll see games whose settings, storylines, and characters are connected to Moscow, its history, culture, and geography,” Sobyanin concluded.


Sergey Sobyanin
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