WN Media Group and ChinaJoy Continue Partnership

The organizers of the WN Conference have announced the extension of their collaboration with ChinaJoy, one of the world's largest gaming expos, for this year.

As part of the collaboration, WN Media Group will act as one of the partners of the upcoming ChinaJoy 2024, which will take place in Shanghai at the end of July. At the event, the media company plans to share its achievements in the fields of media and B2B operations.

"This marks the further development of our partnership and a new attempt to spark a wave of international gaming cooperation!" commented representatives of WN Media Group on the new step in collaboration.

This year, ChinaJoy will be held for the 21st time. Traditionally, it is divided into several parts with different dates:

  • Expo for gamers (open from July 26 to 29);
  • Expo for industry participants (open from July 26 to 28);
  • China Digital Entertainment Congress (running from July 25 to 27);
  • China Game Developers Conference (running from July 26 to 27).

The expected number of visitors has not been announced yet, but last year the expo attracted 338,000 people and over 1,000 companies.

At the same time as the start of the congress, WN Media Group will also hold its event in Shanghai. The WN International Summit will take place on July 25, bringing together both international and Chinese game developers.

It is worth noting that a similar event was held by the media company last year. It brought together around 300 participants from 176 companies, including representatives from Perfect World, iDreamSky, Baidu, Yoozoo, Bilibili, Tencent, Scopely, NetEase, 505 Games, Dotemu, Yodo1, MY.GAMES, Lilith Games, and many others.

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