More than 100 million people have played in the AFK Arena

The developers from the Chinese studio Lilith Games announced this in honor of the game's birthday. The AFK Arena recently turned five years old.

AFK Arena

Lilith Games dispensed with the details and did not share any other mobile RPG metrics.

According to the analytical service AppMagic, to date, AFK Arena has earned $ 1.08 billion, — we are talking about revenue from IAP after paying Lilith Games commission and taxes. The game earned the most money in China ($362.5 million), the United States ($252.4 million), South Korea ($123.6 million), Japan ($108.2 million) and Germany ($48.38 million).

According to AppMagic, the main download markets for AFK Arena were the USA (8.7 million), China (6.65 million), Russia (4.4 million), Brazil (2.8 million) and South Korea (2.76 million). Note that AppMagic counted only 48.47 million downloads at AFK Arena. But it is important to understand that the service collects data only on Google Play from the App Store and does not monitor the situation outside of them. AFK Arena is also available in other mobile stores.

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