Sandbox RPG Kenshi, which took 12 years to develop, hits 2.3 million copies sold since 2018

Kenshi, a genre-bending sandbox game, has reached a new milestone. The cult indie title has now sold over 2.3 million copies since its global launch.

Sandbox RPG Kenshi hits 2.3 million copies sold in five years

Lo-Fi Games shared the news on April 9, also announcing Kenshi’s launch on the Epic Games Store.

Released in December 2018, the game took more than five years to reach the 2.3 million milestone. Despite being a fairy old title, it still boasts an impressive engagement, averaging 39,000 daily active users on Steam.

“It’s great to see the Kenshi community continue to grow,” Lo-Fi Games game director Chris Hunt said in a statement. “We warmly welcome new players from the Epic Games Store community and look forward to sharing news about the prequel to Kenshi, currently in active development.”

Kenshi is a sandbox game, which blends various genres ranging from RPG to survival to strategy. It allows players to explore a vast 870 square kilometer open world and choose a perfect role for themselves through gameplay, be it a warrior, farmer, trader, or even a slave. The game may seem weird, but it is a truly unique experience with tons of opportunities and mechanics.

Hunt started developing Kenshi in 2006, when he was still working as a security guard at night. In 2013, his project became one of the first games debuted on Steam Greenlight.

After spending more than six years as a solo dev, Hunt was finally able to form a team and continue working on Kenshi. The game launched in 2018, receiving generally positive reviews from critics with an average Metascore of 75/100.

Kenshi gained cult status over time, building a loyal community around it. It currently has a 95% rating on Steam based on more than 69k user reviews. Players have also created over 14.6k mods for the game.

Lo-Fi Games is now working on Kenshi 2, a prequel originally announced in 2019. Earlier this month, the studio revealed that 33 people are involved in its production, “making some massive leaps into territory previously unknown to us and building a whole load of new systems that take time to perfect.”

The new game is being made with Unreal Engine 5. It is still unclear when it will come out, with the team sticking to a “it’s ready when it’s ready” approach.

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