How SuperPlay reached over 100% ROAS profitability using Gamelight's AI-driven UA platform — case study

User acquisition platform Gamelight and mobile game developer SuperPlay have joined forces to scale two of the studio’s titles and attract new players. Here is a breakdown of the campaign and the results achieved.

How Gamelight helped SuperPlay reach over 100% ROAS profitability for its mobile game Dice Dreams — case study

Background of the partnership between Gamelight and SuperPlay

This case study is focused on two products by SuperPlay, a studio founded in 2019 by industry veterans from companies such as Playtika and Rovio. The first is the competitive online dice-rolling title Dice Dreams, and the second is the board game Domino Dreams.

To grow their user base, SuperPlay has been working closely with Gamelight since 2022, using its tools and AI-driven solutions to analyze players’ gaming histories, favored genres, and demographic data. The platform also allows devs to integrate special rewards into their titles, which can be earned during gameplay and exchanged for various gifts.

Here are the key details of the joint campaigns for Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams:

  • 2 million user data was analyzed on iOS and Android across 11 geos, including the US, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Italy;
  • 38 in-game events were launched with an endless postback window, including dynamic events introduced at the pass of each level;
  • Daily ad spend surpassed $500,000, with AI targeting used for optimization;
  • Gamelight’s AI optimization algorithm was utilized to identify players with the highest chance of engaging with the games.

Results achieved

Dice Dreams was the main focus of the partnership. The use of Gamelight had a direct impact on the game’s revenue and ARPU (average revenue per user):

  • ARPU on app stores increased by 15%, helping Dice Dreams climb 48 positions in the US free games charts;
  • Gamelight showed a 38% higher D30 ARPU than all other channels used by SuperPlay;
  • ROAS (return on ad spend) profitability exceeded 100% on fully matured cohorts;
  • Between D7 and D30, the ROAS growth rate was at 212%, reaching 508% by D180 thanks to the correct prediction of users with the highest potential LTV;
  • SuperPlay saw a 32% increase in revenue and a 24% growth in user activation during holiday in-game events by syncing them with Gamelight’s special rewards.

In the case with Domino Dreams, Gamelight also became one of the key partners for scaling the title. It accounted for 35% of all US installs, both organic and paid, generating more downloads than all other rewarded marketing sources used by SuperPlay combined.

“We’ve fully embraced its AI algorithm, supplying it with lots of data and allowing them the freedom to optimize,” SuperPlay UA & RT lead Eyal Elad said. “This approach has enabled us to significantly scale our activities with high-quality users.”

To make sure that Gamelight delivers high-quality users, the platform used a four-layer protection system. This includes its own fraud prevention solution, Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite to block users who show signs of suspicious activity, and Scalar to verify that all requirements are met. In addition, SuperPlay used AppsFlyer’s Protect 360 to analyze clicks and installs.

As a result, a suspicion rate landed at less than 0.5% across all fraud categories, acquiring loyal users and ensuring that they keep engaging with the games over time.

With its own AI algorithm, Gamelight creates detailed user profiles based on their behavior and other data. The results achieved through this partnership were due to the platform’s data-driven algorithm, which seamlessly optimizes campaigns based on performance without human intervention.

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