The audience of Content Warning exceeded 4.5 million people in less than a day thanks to the distribution in honor of April 1

Every year on April 1, the Landfall Games studio releases a new unusual project. In 2024, this is a cooperative horror Content Warning in the spirit of Lethal Company, which has already become a hit on Steam.

Content Warning

In Content Warning, players will explore locations in search of something creepy. They need to film what is happening on camera, and then try to escape to the base and post the footage on SpöökTube — the gaming equivalent of YouTube — in the hope of becoming famous.

Only five employees of Landfall Games worked on Content Warning: Zorro Svanderdahl, Erik Skog, Philip Westre, Wilhelm Nylund and Petter Henriksson. The last three are the co—founders of Landfall Games.

In honor of April 1, the developers decided to distribute Content Warning for free during the day. The distribution will end today at 19:00 Moscow time, after which the horror will cost 320 rubles.

Content Warning caused a big stir on Steam. At the time of writing the news, it ranks fifth in the top of the most popular Steam releases of 2024. According to SteamDB, the peak online Content Warning has exceeded 200,000 people and continues to grow.

Top 10 games released in 2024 by the size of the peak online on Steam:

1. Palworld — 2,101,867 people;
2. Helldivers 2 — 458,709 people;
3. Last Epoch — 264,708 people;
4. Dragon's Dogma 2 — 228,585 people;
5. Content Warning — 200,066 people;
6. Ensrouded — 160,405 people;
7. Granblue Fantasy: Relink — 114,054 people;
8. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor — 56,943 people;
9. Supermarket Simulator — 51,363 people;
10. Tekken 8 — 49,977 people.

Dynamics of online Content Warning on Steam

Content Warning currently has an "extremely positive" rating on Steam. She has collected almost 9 thousand reviews, of which 96% are positive.

On the afternoon of April 2, Landfall Games announced that 4.5 million people had received Content Warning. "Thank you all for filming the horror with us," the developers wrote on social networks.

Recall that last year, in honor of April 1, Landfall Games released on Steam a free selection with 23 playable prototypes of their games, and in 2022 — the royal battle with the knights of Knightfall: A Daring Journey. Even the studio published its main hit Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on April 1.

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