WN Academy launching new B2B Sales in Games Industry course hosted by Julia Lebedeva

In April, the WN Academy educational platform will launch a new course dedicated to B2B sales in the games industry. It will be hosted by Julia Lebedeva, COO and partner at WN Media Group.

WN Academy launching B2B Sales in Games Industry course hosted by Julia Lebedeva

About the course

The program is aimed at developing practical skills with a focus on the games industry. It will be useful for both aspiring sales and BD managers and those who already have experience in the area. The course will help structure knowledge and open up new points of growth.

Classes will be held in the following format:

  • Six weeks of interactive online workshops;
  • In-person workshop in Istanbul during the upcoming WN Conference;
  • Bonus module.

Participants will be given homework. In addition, everyone will receive a free ticket to WN Conference Istanbul’24 in June to test their knowledge in the field and expand their network.


During the course, participants will learn, among other things:

  • Specifics of sales in the games industry and the difference between sales and BD managers;
  • Techniques and methods to increase the understanding of their client’s needs;
  • Negotiation tactics during in-person and online meetings;
  • Sales technologies and tools, including AI-based solutions;
  • Lead generation;
  • How to improve a deal-closing rate.

Professional boost in at least one of these areas will allow each course participant to improve their personal sales performance.

Hosts and experts

The B2B Sales in Games Industry course will have two regular hosts and three guest industry experts with vast communication experience and careers in business development and sales:

  • Julia Lebedeva — with 15 years in the games industry, her roles have ranged from BD development director at Nevasoft to head of sales at a FinTech startup. As COO at WN Media Group, she also leads the company’s sales department, responsible for working with key partners. During her career, Julia Lebedeva has trained over two dozen sales managers;
  • Marty Caplan — industry veteran with 28 years of experience. Before heading his own startup, he served as director of business development at Amber and held various positions at Zynga, Electronic Arts, Sega, Pixar, and other companies;
  • Jean-Francois Tremblay — with 26 years in the games industry, he has worked at companies like Sarbakan, Frima Studios, LVL Studio, Nutaku, and Edgegap. He is now working as a director of business development at i3d.net;
  • Elena Sidorova — with nine years in the industry, she currently serves as sales director at WN Media Group. She led one of the company’s largest deals with a total value of $1 million;
  • Gustav Pastucha — R&D producer at Pixel Federation. Prior to this, he spent eight years leading operations and business development in the FinTech sector, working at companies like Etops AG and Nectar Financial.

Each speaker will share practical cases from their own experience. Participants will be able to ask questions and get advice on the possible challenges they may face.

All classes will be held in English.

Dates and pricing

Classes are scheduled for two months, with the first workshop taking place on April 17. The course will end on June 11 with an in-person class at WN Conference Istanbul’24.

Prices start at €2,500.

Free workshop

On April 4, two weeks before the beginning of the course, WN Academy will host a free workshop. Julia Lebedeva and Lost Lore Games’ Eugene Kitkin will show how to use AI tools to make it easier for sales and BD managers to complete routine sales tasks, including communicating with leads and working with CRM.

The free workshop starts at 15:00 (UTC+1).

You can register using this link.

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