Mozilla has opened the Firefox Marketplace

Today Mozilla has opened an alpha version of its Firefox Marketplace app store for Android devices.

To get access to the store, it is enough to install Mozilla Aurora. Nothing interesting, however, can be found in it now: for obvious reasons, there are few applications in the Firefox Marketplace, but among them there are already: Twitter, Soundcloud, Distant Orbit and Jauntly.

As for the functionality, everything is not smooth here either: there are no ratings or reviews. However, representatives of the company promise to add them soon. Presumably, the main advantage of the Firefox Marketplace will be a thoughtful application search: search results can be sorted by rating or match, displayed as a list or thumbnails. Neither the App Store nor Google Play can boast of such an advanced search yet. The question is whether it will be possible to implement Firefox Marketplace with half a million applications, and not a meager dozen.

The beta version of the store will not appear until next year. The company hopes that the Firefox Marketplace “will become a convenient platform for distributing applications and generating income from them.”

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