Swampy became the hero of the animated series

Yesterday on Disney.com and on the Disney YouTube channel, the premiere of the animated web series Swampy’s Underground Adventures took place, the main star of which is a cute crocodile-clean Swampy, the hero of the most popular mobile game Where Is My Water (“Crocodile Swampy”).

The first episode is already available for viewing

A total of 12 episodes are planned, which will appear weekly on the resources mentioned above. In addition, their demonstration on television on the Disney Channel will begin in November. Commenting on the launch of the new series, Mark L. Walker, senior vice president of Disney Interactive Entertainment, said that “Swampy’s Underground Adventures will offer fans of the game and this character a new, humorous look at his “personality” and environment.” 

Recall that the game was released on September 22, 2011 and it was downloaded over 100 million times during the year.

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