Case study: the authors of the hyper-casual Alian Invasion achieved 200% ROAS using AppMetrica

The Cyprus studio Multicast Games has shared the results of the integration of its traffic tracking partner (MMP) to the AppMetrica service.

Multicast Games

According to Vyacheslav Krivsunov, CEO of Multicast Games:

  • an existing MMP partner could not track attribution in real time, so it was linked to AppMetrica;
  • The AppMetrica mobile app made it possible to track reports from Unity Ads, ironSource, X and Reddit in dynamics and on the go;
  • in some cases, AppMetrica displayed data faster than one or another advertising platform (for example, the AppMetrica service reported on UA charges in Unity Ads faster than Unity Ads itself);
  • AppMetrica also helped differentiate organic traffic from Google Play and Google Ads, thanks to which the team immediately began to learn about the application's inclusion in recommendations in a particular region, after which it began to increase UA in the relevant country.

Thus, effective cost control allowed the team to increase annual advertising spending to more than $ 1 million, and bring the profitability of advertising investments to the level of 200%.

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