Microsoft has built a factory in China

According to sources close to Microsoft, the company has built its own factory in China for the production of Surface tablets.

So far, these rumors are not supported by anything. However, this does not prevent the authors of the WMPoweruser resource from claiming that the plant has huge capacities. Yes, according to the same rumors, it was at this factory that Surface prototypes were produced, presented to the general public last September. 

The presence of a factory in China explains the absence of leaks of information about the tablet before its official announcement. Also, due to the presence of a full-fledged production, information about the corporation’s development of its own smartphone based on Windows Phone 8 sounds quite plausible.

Recall that even Apple, despite tight control over the release of its devices, resorts to contract production.  

By the way, even though Microsoft has serious plans for the mobile market, Asian electronics suppliers treat the Windows 8 platform extremely negatively and do not have high hopes for its release. This was stated in one of his interviews by Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital.

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