GDEV introduced Hero Wars Universe, a universe of projects under the Hero Wars brand

GDEV (formerly Nexters) has decided to go beyond video games. She is going to produce more content under the Hero Wars brand. For example, comics and cartoons.

GDEV reported that Hero Wars Universe now includes:

▫️the Hero Wars game itself, as well as its sequels and spin-offs (at the moment the company is working on two hybrid casual titles and a mobile action game);

Raging Blades comic, which is being created in partnership with Light Comic Studio;

An animated film that will show an alternate history of heroes from Hero Wars. GDEV is working on it together with Primal Shape studio. She has several cinematics for Apex Legends and League of Legends on her account;

▫️Wendy's Shop digital store with in-game items.

The company also announced that Hero Wars revenues exceeded $2 billion, and downloads — 190 million.

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