TinyCo Affiliate Program

The publisher of mobile games TinyCo has announced the launch of its new program – Tiny Partners, which will allow developers to earn money by attracting users to the games of the American publisher.

It differs from similar offers in that TinyCo promises to generously share with developers, giving them at least 50% (and in some cases up to 75%) of the amount earned from users who came to the games through ads integrated into the products of the program participants.

Let’s say a developer “sent” a user to the Tiny Monsters game. If this player spends $ 200 in it for a year, then this developer will receive at least $ 100,” says Mike Sandwick, TinyCo’s manager for strategic partnerships. With developers earning under the program from $ 1000, the calculation will be made monthly, with the rest – quarterly.

Tiny Partners SDK is already available for Android and iOS apps. It supports working with iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. The first participants of the program were Mobility Ware and Riptide Games.

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