iPad Mini will cost at least 249 euros

Last week, the controversy over the alleged dates of the announcement of the iPad Mini did not subside. This week started with rumors about the cost of the device.

Yesterday, photos of the price list of the German retail chain Media Markt leaked to the network. There are a total of 16 devices in the list: 4 models with different amounts of internal memory, in black and white, with 3G and without 3G.

According to the spy list, which may well turn out to be a fake, the most budget model of the iPad Mini, with a flash memory capacity of 8 GB and devoid of a 3G module, will cost 249 euros in Germany. For the top model – with 64 GB of memory and 3G support – they will ask for 649 euros.

By the way, it is still not entirely clear whether the iPad Mini matrix will have an ultra-high Retina resolution, characteristic of new Apple products, or not. There are opinions that in the new device the resolution will be either 1024×768 or 2048×1536 pixels. If Apple implements the second option, then at 7.85 inches, the point density will be 326 ppi — exactly like the iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

According to the All Things Digital resource, the presentation of the iPad Mini will take place on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, that is, three days before the presentation of Surface tablets running Windows 8 by Microsoft.

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