GenAI for Business conference coming to San Francisco on October 23, program and speakers announced

WN Media Group has announced a new conference in the US that will focus on the latest trends and innovations in generative AI. Among the speakers are experts from companies like Scenario, Luma AI, Layer AI, MongoDB, Lightspeed, and more.

For the second time in its history, WN Media GroupWN Media Group is organizing an event focused on LLMs and AI technologies. The new Generative AI for Business conference will take place in San Francisco on October 23.

It will cover various industries to attract professionals and businesses working on enterprise products, video games, music, and graphics.

WN Media Group expects around 300 attendees, including founders of AI startups, tech specialists, scientists engaged in academic research on LLMs, and AI enthusiasts.


The GenAI for Business conference in San Francisco will feature a pool of lectures on various topics, such as the future of genAI gaming, the mass adoption of LLMs, and the use of AI tools in storytelling.

Overall, there will be over 20 speakers. Below are some of the key names:

  • Robert Scoble — IT blogger, author of several books on modern technology (including AI), and former evangelist of Microsoft;
  • Moritz Baier-Lentz — as partner and head of gaming at VC firm Lightspeed, he invested over $100 million into the games industry, including people who led the development of games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends;
  • Emmanuel de Maistre — co-founder and CEO of Scenario, a tool for creating AI-generated assets for video games (for example, here is how he created Red Alert-inspired assets);
  • Barkley Dai — product and growth lead at Luma AI, a startup that helps create 3D models from real-life objects (based on photos and videos).

The program also features experts and specialists from Lore.com, Lucasfilm, Amber, Saana, Realitycraft, and other companies focused on genAI and LLMs.

Tickets and other activities

Generative AI for Business in San Francisco will also feature:

  • AI Showcase for developers of AI tools (applications are submitted via this form until October 16);
  • Pitching session with investors and venture capitalists;
  • Networking session after the end of the main program.

The standard on-site ticket costs $299. Those who can’t attend the event in person are able to get an online ticket for $99 to get access to the WN Hub meeting system.

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