WN CEO Summit Istanbul'23 brought together 100 execs from Microsoft, Rollic, Azur Games, and other companies

The latest WN CEO Summit took place in Istanbul, Turkey on September 20. 100 executives and top managers of game companies from 16 countries came together to discuss industry-related topics.

WN CEO Summit Istanbul'23 brought together 100 gaming execs who discussed Unity's new monetization model among other topics

According to the event’s organizer WN Media Group, WN CEO Summit Istanbul’23 was attended by representatives of 71 companies, including Azur Games, Microsoft, Google, Rollic Games, AppMagic, and Infusion Games.

The largest group of companies that participated in the latest CEO Summit were game developers (53%). They were followed by publishers (27%) and investors (24%).

61% of the companies were from the MENA region, and 22% were from Europe.

The first part of the event took place at the Mürver Restaurant, and the second part gathered participants on a yacht cruising along the Bosphorus.

WN CEO Summit Istanbul’23 also included a series of closed round tables, some of which focused on the following topics:

  • “When is The Best Time to 1) Sell Your Company, 2) Raise Money or 3) Maintain Status Quo” — by Agnitio Capital founder and managing director Shum Singh;
  • “Reinventing Growth: What Could Mobile Game Marketing Look Like over the Next 10 Years?” — by Nefta co-founder and CBO Fernando Pernica;
  • “The Impact of AI Technologies in Game Development” — by Boğaziçi Ventures general partner Kazim Akalin;
  • “Unity’s New Monetization Model — A Game Changer or a Gamble?” — by AppMagic founder and CEO Max Samorukov.

WN CEO Summits are events for owners, founders, and C-level executives of companies related to the games industry. Below you can see some photos from WN CEO Summit Istanbul’23.

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