Rumors about Android 4.2: UPDATE

According to rumors, the next version of Android 4.2 will bring with it a lot of innovations. This is reported by the Digital Trends resource. In particular, the changes will affect the Personalization Center and the standard set of device characteristics.

The “Specialization Center” will allow you to change all interface elements. That is, not only the language, wallpaper or ringtone, but also the launcher, icons, themes, etc. It is assumed that new skins can be downloaded directly from Google Play. Vendors themselves will leave the stock theme in the interface of their devices for this, and not replace it with their own as before.

The second major change will affect only Nexus devices. This is the mysterious principle of “standardization of a set of characteristics“, implying a single set of parameters that will be mandatory for all such gadgets. Apparently, in this way Google will try to reduce fragmentation on its platform. 

Also, all the lucky ones who will be able to upgrade their devices to Android 4.2 are promised that their gadget will run on battery power for longer. Considering that before the release of Android 4.1, no one believed that the OS could work without lags, now there is hope that smartphones on this system will be able to hold a charge for more than one daylight day. 

UPDATE: The news about the innovations, unfortunately, turned out to be a duck. 

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